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Helping You Create your audio book

Let us help you create an audio book that will inspire and move your audience emotionally.


Companies & Artists We Have worked with

Contra Costa Times works with Harvest Moon Studios in Martinez, CA.
Partner for Harvest Moon Studios in Martinez, CA
County Of Marin works with Harvest Moon Studios in Martinez, CA.
harvest Moon Studios has worked Adobe in Martinez, CA.
harvest Moon Studios uses Google Reviews.
harvest Moon Studios has worked with Bully Pulpit Interactive in Martinez, CA.
Harvest Moon Studios works with Audible, an Amazon company.
Superior Court of California in Contr Costa County has worked with Harvest Moon Studios.
John Muir land trust has worked with Harvest moon Studios in Martinez, CA.
Harvest Moon Studios has worked with MetMedia in Martinez, CA.

Your story needs to be heard but told the right way.

Producer, Michael Peterson, works with a voice artist to perfect the tone and delivery for the recording of an audiobook at Harvest Moon Studios.
Our Process
Producer collaborates with an music artist to create a unique and cohesive sound.

Producer & Engineer Michael Thomas Peterson

Our Process is Designed for Your Success

Recording an audiobook is more than just hitting the record button and reading a book. We've developed our process over decades through working with numerous clients and continuing to push the boundaries of what we are able to create.

We will produce your audiobook helping you with all the hallmarks of great story telling.

Our process follows these main focal points:

  • Vocal coaching so that listeners experience the exact sound and emotion you envision.

  • Engineering the sound so that your production is clean, crisp and can be enjoyed on any device.

Our equipment is first class

No matter how good your voice is, if you do not invest in high quality, top-rated equipment your sound will never reach its full potential. That's why we continually upgrade to the best equipment for our clients - from microphones to mixers to playback systems.

High tech recording equipment at Harvest Moon Studios.

Our equipment allows us to perform our magic

Our Equipment
We will meet all the technical specifications that are required by popular audio books platforms like Audible, the industry standard.

Leave the technical process up to us!

Producer, Michael Peterson in the first class control room at Harvest Moon Studios.
Your Audiobook Producer

Meet Michael Thomas Peterson

If you’re not a professional voice over talent that’s okay! It's more about your brand as a public speaker and author.


Michael will help you with the story telling of your book by carefully adding all the nuances that your dialogue requires through coaching and technical knowledge.

Your Producer
Owner, producer and engineer, Michael Peterson at Havest Moon Studios in Martinez, CA.
Michae Peterson editing a track at Harvest Moon Studios in Martinez, CA.

Michael will coach you and guide you through your performance, ensuring that your listener is engaged at every moment.

It's really a two way conversation between you and your listener when you tell your story.

Two Way conversation

Inviting your listener in and moving them emotionally is really  the key to capturing your audience.

Inviting your listener in
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